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Original Northern Silence release

‘The Invocation Of Demise’ is the debut for Stockholm, Sweden based Valkyrja and it surely does not disappoint. The band, which now consists of J. Lindgren on Bass, A.L. on Vocals, A. Hed on Guitar, and the two Ondskapt live session musicians J. Wallgren (ex-Ondskapt) on drums and S.W. on guitar, offer up seven new songs and two older songs from the demos re-recorded. It seems Valkyrja has stuck with a similar sound as displayed on their demos, but everything seems much more elaborate and perfected on this debut album. The music is still within the high speed black metal genre with plenty of exciting riffs and killer solos, plus there are some acoustic guitars present too. I’m assuming the band is mostly influenced by their fellow countryman Marduk, Dissection, and Naglfar, though A.L. has his own unique vocal style, which separates the band from the flock of similar screamers. While I will label the band as high speed or brutal black metal, it isn’t necessarily always the case. True most songs are brutal, but as already stated the band isn’t afraid to add some nice melodic sections or just slower songs in general, such as ‘The Vigil’ or parts of the ‘Sinister Obsession,’ both of which are just excellent. The acoustics add a more peaceful side to the chaos and I’d say they compliment the music truly well. If I say anymore I’m likely to start sounding drony or just repeating myself. Definitely get this album if you dig some of the bands mentioned above or just want a sinister serving of Swedish black metal. This cd edition comes with a different cover artwork from the vinyl version

Track listing:
1. Origin Reversed!
2. As Everything Rupture
3. Plague Death-re-recording from ‘Far Beyond’ demo
4. The Vigil
5. Twilight Revelation
6. On Stillborn Wings
7. Sinister Obsession
8. Purification And Demise
9. Frostland-re-ecording from ‘Funeral Voices’ demo

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Northern Silence Productions

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NSP 053