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Vampire -Rex lp [red]


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Red vinyl with insert. Limited 400 copies

Rex is the third studio album by Sweden’s horrifying metal entity Vampire, which rose from a moldy crypt back in 2011 and then 9 years later presents its strongest effort to date. Blending influences from Dissection and Bathory to Mercyful Fate and early Kreator, on Rex. Vampire summon a hellish inferno that perfectly merges sheer aggression, addictive heavy metal-inspired melodies, atmospheric acoustic parts, magnificent leads, vicious vocals and pounding drums with a glorious natural and powerful sound. Rex is easily the most dynamic and detailed record by Vampire to date, it exposes a thrashing fierceness as well as a very sinister vibe, it’s pure, uncompromising, epic yet utterly possessed metal madness. This record will strike its fangs deep in your flesh and won’t let go of your neck.

Track list:
1. Prelusion
2. Rex
3. Inspiritus
4. Wiru-Akka
5. Pandemoni
6. Moloch
7. Rekviem
8. Serafim
9. Anima
10. Melek-Taus

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