Vampire -S/t lp



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Black vinyl with poster

The first full-length strike of Gothenburgs most horrifying death metal band continues where the much lauded demo/7 EP left
off and easily establishes them besides Morbus Chron, Miasmal and Tribulation as one of the biggest hopes in relentless
Swedish death metal thanks to a maximum of unpure and nasty aggression and a foreboding vintage horror vibe. Perfectly
underlined with a stunning cover artwork by Mattias Frisk (Ghost), Vampire should infect the souls of many death metal
enthusiasts worldwide! Heed the howl from the coffin and succumb

Track listing:
1. Orexis
2. Howl From The Coffin
3. At Midnight I’ll Possess Your Corpse
4. Ungodly Warlock
5. The Bestial Abyss
6. Black Deserts
7. Jaws Of The Unknown
8. The Fen
9. Cellar Grave Vampire
10. Under The Grudge

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Century Media

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CDM 9984234

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