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Vananidr -S/t lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 199 copies

During the early age of black metal, Swedish bands were defined by the signature sound of pillar bands of the scene like Bathory, Marduk and Dissection. Sweden has always produced qualitative bands in the black/death metal genre, where the newer generation of black metal outfits such as Watain, Avsult, Craft, Ondskapt and etc. have shaped this underground music to a new level. Since the beginning of the black metal movement, Sweden’s influential role was almost unmatched. Within this sub-genre, the modern black metal bands of Sweden went through a process of development. Musically the birth of the orthodox black metal movement added more qualitative measures to the style of pure black metal. Innovatively speaking, Vananidr is considered as one of the few modern black metal/death metal that sought different musical techniques than the current flock. Formed in 2018 by guitarist, bassist and vocalist Anders Eriksson. Vananidr‘s self-titled album was released in the same year of formation and was met with much praise from the underground metal scenes worldwide. Vananidr take their musical cues from a mixing pot containing nordic black metal giants such as Immortal, Kampfar, Burzum and the likes.

Track list:
1. Raging Blizzards
2. Frostbitten Kingdom
3. Abomination Of Evil
4. Projections
5. Rise
6. Warfare
7. Enter Eternity
8. Psalm Till Döden

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