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Vanish –Come To Wither cd


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Come To Wither is the long-awaited sophomore effort from German quintet Vanish, and comes eight years after their 2006 full-length debut Separated From Today. Vanish is fronted by vocalist Bastian Rose, who also plays piano and keyboards. Rose is joined by bassist Daniele Dei Giudici, drummer Ralf Nopper, and guitarists Thomas Rösch (rhythm) and Philipp Schönle (lead). This album is a very solid release just listen to the unbelievable drumming with the machine gun guitar riffs of Great Collapse, the soft introduction of Curtain Call when at 1:05 keyboards give way to subtle vocal harmonies that then blows wide open into a true metal track. Pay attention to the synthesizers of the melodic Hope Shall Rise, the explosive (couldn’t be played loud enough album highlight) Reboot and Hollow that changes perfectly with various tempo changes, volumes, intensity, and goes from all-out Metal to soft melodies without warning. The closing track, the seven minute The Grand Design starts with more quiet vocals and piano, before bursting into a fast and catchy riff very similar to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. This is another widely diverse track full of musical changes sure to make any lover of prog fall instantly in love with the music. This song also features a vocal performance from Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) who makes the track outstanding. A highly recommended album

Track list:
1. Come To Wither
2. Great Collapse
3. Bless The Buried Child
4. Renewal
5. This Is How We Die
6. Curtain Call
7. Silence
8. Hollow
9. Hope Shall Rise
10. Reboot
11. The Grand Design-with Ralf Scheepers

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