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Varathron / Black Altar / Thornspawn -Split lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 350 copies

Emissaries Of The Darkened Call is the name of this unholy split album between Polish black metal legends Black Altar, Hellenic Varathron and Us/Mexicans Thornspawn. With three such well known acts in this genre its nothing but an unholy piece of blackest art, dark, sinister and unholy as black metal is intended to be. Black Altar stir up the blackest sound with a twisted and sick unholy sound that shall haunt you for a good pack of time. The Greek Varathron sound and dynamics are closer to the one played by Black Altar, yet with the add of some Hellenic spice and melody here and there, all this without the loss of the brutal sound with some death metal elements into. By the other hand, Thornspawn unleash a true rough and ugly black metal sound, damn old school and dirty, anyhow… how should fucking black metal be? Right? Sick and twisted as Hell. When it comes to production then Thornspawn has gone analogue and dirty while Black Altar and Varathron sounds crystal clear.

Track list:
1. Black Altar -Intro
2. Black Altar –Nighthunter
3. Black Altar -I’m Demon
4. Black Altar -Deep Cut into the Open Wound of Mankind
5. Varathron -Arawn’s Reign
6. Varathron -Black Swamp
7. Varathron -Ancient Warrior (Black Sabbath cover)
8. Thornspawn -Baphobanner (Flag of Horror)
9. Thornspawn -Deceased Divinity (Pious Pulpit Burnt to Ashes)
10. Thornspawn –Deathlust
11. Thornspawn -Thorns of Black Spawned from the Altars of Northrav

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Floga Records ‎/ Hel's Fire Records

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FL54 / HFR003