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Things That Make No Sense cd


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A Swedish punk and hardcore compilation released on Fetvadd records in 1995. Fetvadd was originally a fanzine formed by Loken and other members of 16 Blasare Utan Hjarna. It then transformed into a tape label where 11 cassettes was released before turning into a label that released vinyls and cds. This compilation album features the bands Greenscab, Paddington, Still The Same, Atomvinter, Pejnas Ork and Lokens own solo project My Onion. Loken has besides 16 Blasare Utan Hjarna also played with Rovsvett, Striker, Still The Same and more.

Track list:
1. Greenscab -Lika For Alla
2. Greenscab -Global Destruction
3. Greenscab -Den Skrivna Lognen
4. Greenscab -Svinet Rolf Nilenhed
5. Pejnas Ork -Busted
6. Pejnas Ork -Bullshit Radio
7. Pejnas Ork -Leave Me Alone
8. Pejnas Ork -This Aint Babylon
9. Pejnas Ork -Hells Breakin Loose
10. Still The Same -Reverse
11. Still The Same -Ask Ourself
12. Still The Same -You Cant Take Away
13. Paddington -Best Friends
14. Paddington -Gunfighting Joe
15. Paddington -Rover II
16. Paddington -Fingerspitzgefuhl
17. Atomvinter -Danska Poliser Ar Harda
18. Atomvinter -Nazifasoner
19. Atomvinter -Videodrome
20. Atomvinter -Du
21. Atomvinter -Karra, Vastra Frolunda, Angered
22. Atomvinter -790 Dagar
23. Atomvinter -Sla Tillbaka
24. Atomvinter -Sexualakt
25. My Onion -Give Me A Clue
26. My Onion -Suicide Or Fight Back
27. My Onion -Give Me A Minute

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