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Really Fast Vol.6 lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 600 copies

Really Fast Records was formed by Patrik Jonsson, Staffan Fagerberg and Peter Pinaitis in late 1981. The label released more than 20 tapes before the first vinyl lp Really Fast Vol.1 saw the light of day in June 1983. The sixth compilation album in the series was released in 1991 in a limited run of 1800 copies. Four different coloured covers were made and it was released in the following amounts 200 yellow cover, 450 red cover, 550 pink cover and 600 blue covers. It featured 23 song from Swedish punk and hardcore acts among these are Moses featuring Morgan Hakansson who later went on to form the Swedish black metal act Marduk. This copy has the blue cover

Track listing:
1. Cry – That’s the breaks
2. Cry – Baby don’t make me hate you
3. Step Forward – For myself
4. Step Forward – My love
5. Step Forward – Does it make a difference
6. Redneck Zombies – Blocked in the head
7. New Wind – Bright side of life
8. Public Vision – Depression
9. Pre-historic – Angel
10. Pre-historic – Thing
11. Crucifix – En annorlunda julklapp
12. Crucifix – Kravaller i city
13. Moses – Arbetsgladje
14. Moses – At helvete
15. Dim Reflections – A trail of experience
16. Dim Reflections – Just a boy
17. Lisa Gives Head – My solution
18. Ashram – She said
19. F.Z.O. – Tankar
20. Sauna – Sjukdom
21. Sauna – Stench of death
22. Allena – Vriden varld
23. Allena – Tecken

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