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Speed Kills Again cd


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Inspired by the legendary 1980s compilation series which showcased some of the era’s heaviest hitters such as Metallica, Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Possessed etc. “Speed Kills Again” stands as a tribute to the past as well as a testament to the return of true heavy metal and thrash that is currently exploding worldwide. “Speed Kills Again” offers up twelve tracks of 100 percent old-school metal from six of the foremost up and coming purveyors of thrash worldwide, including Los Angeles-based Merciless Death, Italian thrashers Hatred, Las Vegas head bangers Avenger Of Blood, Sweden’s speed metal kings Enforcer, Massachusetts-based thrash torchbearers Toxic Holocaust and Los Angeles shredders Warbringer. This is a great compilation even though i dont necessary agree that thrash metal is reborn. I thought that happened when Schmier rejoined Destruction. Thrash has always been out there for anyone that has been interested. Nothing’s better than fast guitars, denim, leather, and nuclear holocaust. This is a good starting point if you’re unfamiliar with the genre.

Track listing:
1. Merciless Death -Merciless Death
2. Merciless Death -Tombs Of The Dead
3. Avenger Of Blood -Enemy Attack
4. Avenger Of Blood -My Affliction
5. Enforcer -Evil Attacker
6. Enforcer -Mistress Of Hell
7. Toxic Holocaust – reated To Kill
8. Toxic Holocaust -War Is Hell
9. Hatred -Aggression
10. Hatred -Warsexbeer
11. Warbringer -Hell On Earth
12. Warbringer -Born Of The Ruins

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