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The Hotrocks compilation album was originally released in Finland back in 1987. It features only Finnish band and for hardrock fans its an interesting disc as it features tracks with acts like Boycott, Havana Black, Andy McCoy (from Hanoi Rocks), Zero Nine and Michael Monroe (from Hanoi Rocks). You also get a synth track from Sakari Kuosmanen, Lots or rock and blues track and another version of the Irish traditional tune Whiskey In The Jar (top hits for both Thin Lizzy and Metallica) by the Finnish folk music act Korkleg. This album was also heavily distributed in Russia by Melodija who released this several times between 1989 and 1990. This is one of those Russian editions

Track listing:
1. Boycott -Roadrunner-Bo Diddley cover
2. Sakari Kuosmanen -Berlin
3. Melrose -Horse Doughnut
4. Big Saarinen -Were An American Band
5. Bad Sign -Save That Dress
6. Michael Monroe -Its A Lie
7. Zero Nine – Shadow On The Wall-Mike Oldfield cover
8. Honey B And The T-Bones -Its All Over Now
9. Havana Blacks -Sheila
10. Andy McCoy -Shot Full Of Love
11. Korkleg -Whiskey In The Ja
12. Mike Hutend -Impulse Of Love

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