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Varsovie –L Heure Et La Trajectoire cd


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Varsovie is a post-punk/dark-rock band that was founded in 2005, in Grenoble, France, by the creative output of Arnault Destal (lyrics, drums, arrangements, management) and Gregory Catherina from Forbidden Site (music, vocals, guitars). Their second album L’Heure Et La Trajectoire was released in November of 2014 and it features 10 songs of French dark-rock in post-punk style. This is addictive excessive rock with stunning lyrics.

Track list:
1. Austerlitz
2. Detruire Carthage
3. Leclaircie
4. Lydia Litvak
5. Sunsiare
6. L Heure Et La Trajectoire
7. Hotel Roma
8. La Felure
9. Lutte Avec LAnge
10. Jusqu Au Jour

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