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Ved Buens Ende -Those Who Caress The Pale cd [A5/brown]


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Very rare 2007 press in a limited brown A5 leather digipak

Includes the pioneering 1994 demo plus additional bonus material in the shape of the 1993 promo from pre-Ved Buens Ende outfit Manes. These recordings are seen by many as essential material pre-dating the avantgarde black metal movement of the 90’s and still sounds alien and unique to this very day! For fans of Dodheimsgard, Arcturus, Thorns and Ulver.

Track listing:
1. A Mask In The Mirror-Those Who Caress The Pale demo 1994
2. The Carrier Of Wounds-Those Who Caress The Pale demo 1994
3. You That May Wither-Those Who Caress The Pale demo 1994
4. The Plunderer-Those Who Caress The Pale demo 1994
5. Those Who Caress The Pale-Those Who Caress The Pale demo 1994
6. Insects Manes-Those Who Caress The Pale demo 1994
7. Manes -NMY–Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis sessions 1993 rehearsal
8. Manes -His Masters Voice–Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis sessions 1993 rehearsal
9. Manes -Nar Solen Stivner-promo 1993
10. Manes -In My Tomb Of Silver Cold-promo 1993
11. Manes -My Blackhearted Flower-promo 1993

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