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Venom -Bloodlust 7″


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Reduced price due to cover being vg++ and vinyl being ex

Original 1982 English Neat records pressing

Venom released their debut single, In League With Satan, in 1981 and it wasnt just the worlds first taste of Venom but also the dawn of black metal, a devilish brand of hard rock which has had an indelible influence on the metal gigants of the 21st century. Their second single, Bloodlust, was released the following year and the A-side is an almost perfect hell brew spew laden magnum opus. The track is one of the bands oldest songs originally written by Cronos whil he was still with his previous band Dwarfstar. A true classic Venom tune. The B-side contains the song In Nomine Satanas in a mix of English and Latin. It tells of the story of Satan’s legions rising, praising him and singing his songs, then finally launching a war on humanity In the name of Satan.

Track list:
1. Bloodlust
2. In Nomine Satanas

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Neat Records

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