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Venom -Sons Of Satan dlp [splatter]


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Double album on splatter vinyls with gatefold cover

Sons Of Satan is of particular interest to hardcore Venom fans as it features a treasure trove of unreleased demos from the bands vaults, some of which are mythical among fans who have known about their existence, but have never heard them as the tracks alluded bootleggers. Among the tracks are the earliest known Venom performances, captured where the band rehearsed in 1979 at Westgate Road Church Hall in Newcastle’s West End and featuring original singer Clive Jesus Christ Archer on vocals. Also included are the £50 demos from 1980, captured at Impulse Studios, alongside further demos from 1980 and the At War With Satan 1983 Impulse Studio demos.

Track list:
1. Angel Dust
2. Buried Alive
3. Raise The Dead
4. Red Light Fever
5. Venom
6. Sons Of Satan
7. In League With Satan
8. Angel Dust
9. Live Like An Angel
10. Schizo
11. Venom
12. Angel Dust
13. Raise The Dead
14. Red Light Fever
15. At War With Satan

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