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Venom -Manitou 7″


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Reduced price due to cover being ex and vinyl being ex-

Original 1984 English Neat records pressing

One of the many cool things about Venom was that they recorded new stuff for their singles, for the most part they did not use songs from their studio albums. In their classic period (81-86) they released 6 singles: In League With Satan, Bloodlust, Die Hard, Warhead, Manitou and Nightmare. All of them are as essential as their three first studio albums, Welcome To Hell, Black Metal and At War With Satan. Their single Manitou shows a highly experimental band. The A-side is both slow and innovated and all three tracks on the single are quite unique as the band strayed away from the satanic lyrics that they were known for. Manitou is very much based on the voice of Cronos, supported by a very simple drumming while Mantas plays an epic and memorable guitar line. The end result is absolutely fantastic. However of all the 6 singles mentioned above the two least decent tracks ended up on the B-side for the Manitou 12” single. One of them, Women, are also on the 7 version. Some unmemorable riffs and structure just makes this track passes by without leaving any mark.

Track list:
1. Manitou
2. Women

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