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Venomous Breath -Et Viscera Sanguis cd


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Venomous breath is a Brazilian band that was founded by 2 members of the thrash metal band Ataque Violento who probably wanted to explore an even more brutal side of their music creation. After two demos they released their debut album, Et Viscera Sanguis, an 8 tracks effort totalling a bit over 40 minutes of traditional Death Metal. Unfortunately their compositions are way too generic in order to raise the interest of the scene, but for a debut it’s nothing to be ashamed of; mid-tempo to fast paced Death Metal with highlights in Thiagos vicious vocals, and the good organic sound of the recordings. Unfortunately the guitar riffs are so generic especially when the band slows down to mid-paced rhythms, and the solos are nothing to impress either. This album will make a good audition but nothing more. Hopefully the next one will show some original ides, too.

Track list:
1. Domus Mortem
2. Necrophiliac Sex Frenzy
3. Banished From Heaven
4. Eternal Return
5. Venomous Breath
6. Empty Life
7. If There Is No God
8. Hungry Coercion

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Hell Productions

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HPT 09