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Vice –Fooled By Your Love cd


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Here’s another band unearthed from the vault: Americans Vice, a a short-lived hard rock / melodic metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah. The band began rehearsing under the name Loften but it was as Vice that things started to happen. For example the band did a headlining show for nearly three thousand at the Utah State Fairgrounds. The band entered the studio Audio Visions to cut a 5-track demo in 1985. As the band was shopping for a label, they began to get a lot of local attention. But after that, they lost their ace guitarist Jay, who joined what was to become the biggest 80’s metal band from Utah: Megattack. Vice did not try and replace Jay and quickly dispersed. The original masters to the 5-track demo was destroyed in a fire so the chances of these songs ever seeing the light of day were dwindling. A tape copy has been found and the label have tried to remaster this tape with love. The sound quality is not the best but enough to appreciate another unknown band from the 80s US hard rock scene. Besides the demo we also have 3 live tracks. Vice plays a blend of melodic 80’s hard rock and heavy metal.

Track list:
1. Fooled By Your Love
2. September
3. Calling On Your Love
4. Waiting In Line
5. Warlords
6. You Won’t See Me Cryin-live
7. Played The Fool Again-live
8. Warlords-live

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