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Vietah -Czornaja Civil/Black Mold lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 500 copies

Vietah—The atmospheric black metal phenomenon from Belarusian Swamps—is the brainchild of Antarctis, an artist hailing from the city of Gomel situated in the south eastern part of Belarus, close to the Ukrainian border. In a state where the political regime (in conspiracy with the church) does not look lightly upon metal—extreme metal in particular—and takes every chance to counteract or shut down everything not fitting their agenda, Vietah has managed to stay active for ten years, releasing four convincing full-length albums to date. Antarctis handles all instruments himself and delivers some really desperate vocals sung in the Belarusian language, giving his creations a unique touch – the folk soul of the Belarusian people permeates through Vietah’s incantations. Vietahs fourth album Czornaja Civil/Black Mold was released in May of 2015. Cold an atmospheric black metal

Track list:
1. Vosieriskaja Glieba/Autumnal Soil
2. Kol/Stake
3. Adljustravanni U Czornaj Vadzie/Reflections In The Black Water
4. Niezvarotnasc/Irreversibility

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