Viking -No Child Left Behind lp


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Orange vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 200 copies

It took a reformation in 2011 by founders Ron Daniel Eriksen and Matt Jordan to resurrect Viking back from the dead. And since that time, the act has been playing live frequently with a remaining line-up featuring newcomer Justin Zych (guitars) and Mike Gonzalez (bass) of Dark Angel fame. Seasoned veteran Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Testament, Death, Forbidden, etc.) has also been involved with the group and handled the drum work here (although Matt apparently remains as the full-time drummer). The result here would be an album that took 26 years in the making which was well worth the wait, as it burned from start to finish. Ron sounded better than ever on vocals (while including his notable falsetto screeches on occasion), as well as the Dark Angel rhythmic backbone of Mike and Gene pummelling everything in their path. Justin’s lead guitar role has also been a godsend for the group as he managed to incorporate a reckless yet controlled style of blazing talent while bringing additional energy in order to keep the act true to their frenetic roots. The production was also clear as well as the lyrical content being exceptionally original (it doesn’t get any better than songs like Eaten By A Bear and 9:02 On Flight 182). Nothing ever gets boring here and the music is just as effective when pacing at warp speed or during mid-tempo segments. This is Bay Area thrash of the highest order. No Child Left Behind sounds just as good as both Slayer and Testament in peak form with Viking obviously being no strangers to the hallowed halls of traditional thrash themselves. It’s clearly apparent that a lot of time was spent with the whole process here, and I would think it being a matter of time before a notable label signs the group and picks up this release in the near future. It took quite a long time, but Viking are back and they mean business.

Track listing:
1. 9:02 On Flight 182
2. By The Brundlefly
3. Blood Eagle
4. Debt To Me
5. An Ideal Opportunity
6. Eaten By A Bear
7. Wretched Old Mildred
8. A Thousand Reasons I Hate You
9. Helen Behind The Door
10. Burning From Within

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