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Vindland -Hanter Savet lp


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Rare first press on black vinyl. Limited 300 copies

French act Vindland debuted with the Ancestors Age EP in 2009 then went back to the shadows again. It wouldnt be until 2016 when we heard anything from the band again but their first full length album “Haunter Savet” shows a promising future. They’ve been working on this effort since 2012 and they really have pulled out all the stops to get this just right. Vindland play pagan melodic black metal taking heavy influence from Windir. It’s very difficult to not point out the similarities between the music of the two bands. Both bands put emphasis on guitar melodies including a prominent lead guitar, pagan thematic elements, and (tying in from the first two) generating an epic heroic atmosphere. Vindland, for their part, write their lyrics and song titles in Breton which is a language from the band’s native region of Britianny, France taking inspiration from Valfar’s lyrics written in Sognamål Norwegian. Though many don’t speak this language anymore and those listening to this record won’t know what the band is singing on about, it works well for the guys in Vindland for deepening the mystique in the music. The melodic riffs on this album are very reminiscent of 1184. They’re consistently fast paced and create an atmosphere that is not only fierce and violent, but also epic and triumphant sounding. It provides the correct level of majesty without going completely cheese-laden à la Ensiferum. There’s keyboards involved, but they’re a background element and mostly unnoticeable. The guitar work is what really drives this album and provide all the standout moments such as the awesome leads on “Treuzwelus” and “And The Battle Ended”. Though the album clocks in at almost an hour, Vindland’s style here doesn’t wear itself thin one bit throughout the whole album. Hanter Savet is a fun ride for the pagan black metal nerds and a much better tribute to the works of Valfar than most other projects that came after his passing. It’s an epic album that doesn’t fuck around with the more cheesy aspects of actual folk metal. I don’t want to sound like they’re just straight copycatting Windir riff for riff, the music is honest enough to stand on its own, but if Valfar were alive today it’s easy to picture him making an album similar to this. Also worth mentioning is Skeud Ar Gwez that with its 11 minutes in running time ends the story in a beautiful way

Track list:
1. Orin Kozh
2. Treuzwelus
3. Serr-noz
4. Pedenn Koll
5. Skleur Dallus
6. Morlusenn
7. Skorneg Du
8. Skeud Ar Gwez

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