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Vinterriket -Gardarsholmur cd


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2016 re-issue

Vinterriket is the solo and main project of Christoph Ziegler from Germany. He started this band in 1996 and he has countless releases since then. Most of his albums belong in the dark ambient genre, with folk / neofolk elements and some black metal albums or songs. The album “Garoarsholmur” was released in 2012 directly by Vinterriket and though im not an “expert” in ambient music, since all I know about this atmospheric minimalistic genre comes from bands related to black metal, or releases from metal labels. But what I can tell for sure, is that Vinterriket is by far the best ambient band I have ever listened to! And “Garoarsholmur” comes just to make the distance from any other band even greater. The characteristic quality and personal identity of Christoph’s synths is enriched in this work by nature sounds, mostly waves and birds and very sad atmospheric recitations. I totally recommend this collectible piece of art to all ambient music fans.

Track list:
1. Hverfjall
2. Sprengisandur
3. Landmannalaugar
4. Porsmörk
5. Heljakambur
6. Fimmvörouhals

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