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Violation Wound ‎–With Man In Charge cd


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Violation Wound is a side project of none other than Autopsy founding member, Chris Reifert. Violation Wound’s 2018 album With Man In Charge can best be described as a ‘psychotic blasts of punk injected madness’. Chris Reifert states “We at VW headquarters are really fucking psyched to release this album. We poured a lot of outrage, madness, aggression, and just plain ass kicking into “With Man In Charge” and we think our intentions will be heard loud and clear for anyone who gets their eardrums wrapped around this quick fire distorted assault. This isn’t just an attempt to relive old punk days gone by or to latch on to whatever the hell people are calling hardcore these days. It’s insane music for insane times by insane people.” Crust, punk, hardcore or just madness. Judge by yourself

Track list:
1. Humanity Burning
2. Vortex
3. Fearmonger
4. Dangerous Idiot
5. Selling Your Soul For Damage Control
6. State Of Alarm
7. Ruining Everything That’s In The Way
8. God’s Plan
9. Smoke And Flames
10. Stalemate Suicide
11. Unhinged World
12. Destroy The Factory
13. Two Middle Fingers, Whiskey And Beer
14. Don’t Believe It
15. Stoking The Fires Of Chaos
16. Scratched Out
17. Fuck It Up / Dumb It Down
18. Twisted Up Inside
19. Kicked In Tonight / VWIII
20. With Man In Charge

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