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Virgin Steele -Noble Savage dlp [yellow]


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Reduced price due to seam split on upper spine

25th anniversary re-release as double album on yellow vinyls with gatefold cover and 11 bonus tracks.

Originally released in 1985, this romantic metal masterpiece showcases David DeFeis incredible vocal range, Edward Pursino’s fiery guitar playing, and a savage rhythm section that gives the sophisticated music primal undertones, thus living up to the album’s title. Not only are symphonic elements present, but the band flirted with medieval and jazz influences on a couple of tracks.

Track listing:
1. We Rule The Night
2. I’m On Fire
3. Thy Kingdom Come
4. Image Of A Faun At Twilight
5. Noble Savage
6. Fight Tooth And Nail
7. The Evil In Her Eyes
8. Rock Me
9. Don’t Close Your Eyes
10. The Angel Of Light
11. Obsession (It Burns For You)
12. Love And Death
13. Where Are You Running To
14. Come On And Love Me
15. The Spirit Of Steele
16. The Pyre Of Kings
17. To The Devil A Daughter
18. God Of Violence Kill
19. Viking
20. Ases Death
21. Bitches From Hell

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