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Vital Remains -Dechristianize dlp [swirl]


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Double album on red and gold swirl vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 850 copies

Pushing the extremes of death metal and grindcore, Vital Remains unleash some of the most intense musical violence conceivable on the band’s fourth album, Dechristianize. Some of the beats on this album are so fast that a hummingbird would have trouble headbanging along; meanwhile, the “cookie monster” vocal style renders the (apparently blasphemous) lyrics completely unrecognizable. The amazingly fluid (and fast, of course) guitar soloing provides the only melodic moments on the disc. In terms of sheer, punishing intensity, Vital Remains delivers by the boatload — but listeners looking for variety and melody will find this album nothing short of exhausting. With Glen Benton from Deicide on vocals!

Track listing:
1. Let The Killing Begins
2. Dechristianize
3. Infidel
4. Devoured Elysium
5. Saviour To None…Failure For All
6. Unleash Hell
7. Rush Of Deliverance
8. At War With God
9. Entwined By Vengeance

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