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2013 press on Drakkar Productions on black vinyl

The French black metallers in Vlad Tepes were part of the underground cult Les Legions Noires together with Mutiilation, Belketre, Brenoritvrezorkre and Torgeist. Their ‘La Morte Lune’ demo from 1997 is first and foremost a champion of production disasters. Everything on this demo beats Brenoritvrezorkre production, so that should say something. The sound is very, very buried and fuzzy. The bad production is a serious flaw for this, because it ruined really good tracks. ‘La Morte Lune’ contained some of Tepes fastest compositions. A perfect example is ‘The Dark War’, from the fast stuff, an excellent track, although it may be to a lot of people indecipherable. The lead guitars are amateurish, like on ‘War Funeral March’, but still catchy, and with a strangled, quacking sound. Yeah, they sound as if Vlad Tepes raped some electric duxxx. The crunchy vocals remained the same and amongst my favourite, even being buried in the black pile of riffs and hollow sounding drums. ‘La Morte Lune’ is the last demo containing new songs, well, the last known demo. The songs are fucking raw, as usual, and are damn good. Something new Vlad Tepes did on this demo is the song ‘Meurtre’ wich sounds like it could have been recorded by Vzaeurvbtre or Susvourtre, basically torture sounds with a bass line in the back. ‘Morgenstern’ is the best song on the demo. In all, this cult release has some good songs that could have been amazing with better sound.

Track list:
1. Warmoon Lord
2. Bleedings
3. The Massacre Song
4. The Dark War
5. Morte Lune
6. L’Envol Du Corbeau
7. Morts
8. I Died From A Vampyric Grief
9. Meurtres
10. Morgensterne

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