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Voivod -War And Pain 2MC [box]


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Double tape case cassette box featuring 2 cassettes, one of them features the complete Morgöth Invasion Live Demo December 1984. Limited 500 copies

Attention Metallica fans who still wish that Hetfield and company stuck to the no-frills metal sound laid down on their debut (1983’s Kill ‘Em All): you’re sure to love Voivod’s War and Pain as well. Some of the reasons why 1984’s War and Pain sounds strikingly similar to Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All is because of both albums’ dry production, straight-ahead metal guitar riffs and almost identical guitar sounds, and sometimes sophomoric lyrical content. Voivod latecomers should know that the group wasn’t always an experimental/progressive metal band as evidenced on the later albums Nothingface and Angel Rat. The group’s first classic, the song “Voivod,” and is featured here and is still played by the group in concert to this day (one of the few songs that contains some contrasting textures, even if it’s just for about five seconds at the beginning). Other metal delights include “Warriors of Ice,” “Iron Gang,” and the title track, which are all about as subtle as being hit by a sledgehammer. By listening to their debut, you can easy to see that the group built their later, highly original sound on the foundations of heavy metal. War and Pain is by no means an embarrassing debut; it’s just that when compared to other albums by the group, it’s apparent that the band was still trying to find their own metal approach.

Track listing:
1. Voivod
2. Warriors Of Ice
3. Suck Your Bone
4. Iron Gang
5. War And Pain
6. Blower
7. Live For Violence
8. Black City
9. Nuclear War
10. Condemned To The Gallows-live
11. Blower-live
12. Voivod-live
13. Condemned To The Gallows
14. Voivod
15. Iron Gang
16. Build Your Weapons-live
17. War And Pain-live
18. Condemned To The Gallows-live
19. Warriors Of Ice-live
20. Helldriver-live
21. Horror-live
22. Black City-live
23. Nuclear War-live
24. Blower-live
25. Live For Violence-live
26. Ripping Headaches-live
27. Iron Gang-live
28. Korgull The Exterminator-live
29. Suck Your Bone-live
30. Witching Hour-Venom cover-live
31. Chemical Warfare-Slayer cover-live

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