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Volbeat ‎–Rewind Replay Rebound dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

As the only band on the planet who can top festival line-ups across Europe and land themselves on bills supporting bands as soul-crushingly heavy as Slipknot and Behemoth while playing a brand of punk-tinged outlaw-driven rockabilly, Volbeat have built themselves a reputation as a band who deliver their shtick on all fronts. On their seventh album, they’ve stuck to their guns, delivering another fourteen rounds of their chorus-chanting, hook-heavy punk-n-roll rockabilly. Rewind Replay Rebound is also a lot more musical than the earlier and heavier/thrasher stuff.. But for melodies and taking their songs to the next level it’s a welcome interlude for most while there probably are older fans that think this is to soft and to mainstream. But no matter what the fans think it cant be denied that it sounds like Volbeat are having the musical time of their lives.

Track list:
1. Last Day Under The Sun
2. Pelvis On Fire
3. Rewind The Exit
4. Die To Live
5. When We Were Kids
6. Sorry Sack Of Bones
7. Cloud 9
8. Cheapside Sloggers
9. Maybe I Believe
10. Parasite
11. Leviathan
12. The Awakening Of Bonnie Parker
13. The Everlasting
14. 7:24

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Vertigo / Universal Records

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UNI 7779198