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Volbeat –Servant Of The Mind dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

After 20 years, seven studio albums and countless celebratory live shows, Volbeat have become ubiquitous and much loved. The Danish crews inspired musical formula has always seemed to come naturally, and whether fully immersed in the world of big metal riffs, or wistfully delving into rockabilly’s ageless charms, Volbeat have always been a simple and unpretentious proposition. They have been consistent, too. 2016’s slightly anemic Seal The Deal And Lets Boogie aside, every record has delivered some enduring anthems and gently tinkered with that formula. Two years on from the excellent Rewind, Replay, Rebound, the eighth Volbeat album upholds those standards and is, as longtime fans have come to expect, another big, bombastic rock n metal album with a tall quiff and an itchy trigger finger. There is always time to win new converts, of course, but Volbeat have no reason to deviate too wildly from their chosen path. That said, Servant Of The Mind does feature some of the heaviest songs the band have ever recorded, alongside a smattering of moderate curveballs, all of which combine to make this feel like their most complete record yet. Even as they do exactly what you hope and expect they will, Volbeat sound refocused and newly pumped up here. So if you were hoping that Volbeat would do something radical and completely overhaul their sound, Servant Of The Mind is not the album for you. It will be, however, the album for a vast number of other people, as Denmark’s kings of rockabilly metal continue to stand alone, pockets bulging with massive, life-affirming tunes. The shows will be wild.

Track list:
1. Temple Of Ekur
2. Wait A Minute My Girl
3. The Sacred Stones
4. Shotgun Blues
5. The Devil Rages On
6. Say No More
7. Heavens Descent
8. Dagen För
9. The Passenger
10. Step Into Light
11. Becoming
12. Mindlock
13. Lasses Birgitta
14. Return To None
15. Domino
16. Shotgun Blues
17. Dagen För-Michael Vox version

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