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Vomitory ‎–Blood Rapture lp


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2019 reissue on black vinyl with insert and poster.

A couple of killer riffs, a tireless drum work, deep growls as malicious as you can imagine and a certain amount of control madness, makes Blood Rapture one of the most enjoyable death metal albums you could listen to. The guitar work may not be an example of virtuosity but it those have an element most bands are forgetting these days, they are unique and catchy as hell. Every riff is simple yet attractive, it catches you the instant you listen to them; you know what they call talent is not just the ability to play as fast as you can or been able to perform a 20 minute guitar solo, talent is the ability to make something, anything have an identity and Vomitory has that in every single song in Blood Rapture. There are songs with weird tempo flows like Nailed, Quarted, Consumed, a nice aggressive and consuming track that evolves as the seconds go by to become a mix between Florida death metal and Swedish melodies, a great piece. A have no idea why Vomitory isn�t as big as bands like Vader or Bolt Thrower, they have everything and maybe more than those great bands I just mention; aggression, killer riffs, amazing hooks that dont let you go until they have your total devotion and the true passion for real death metal; this band really knows how to balance melodies, brutality and speed. Please if you dont buy what Im saying, I dare you to listen to this album twice, and if after that you havent realize that this band kicks ass, then well I lose and you are a bigger idiot than I tough!

Track list:
1. Chaos Fury
2. Hollow Retribution
3. Blessed And Forsaken
4. Madness Prevails
5. Redeemed In Flames
6. Nailed, Quartered, Consumed
7. Eternity Appears
8. Rotting Hill
9. Blood Rapture

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