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Vomitory ‎–Redemption lp [opaque]


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2019 reissue opaque turquoise and black marbled vinyl with poster. Limited 300 numbered copies

The second Vomitory album ‘Redemption’ is an repentantly back-to-basics death metal album, pushed over the top by the band’s undeniable musical chops (particularly the unbelievable drumming). It’s the sort of grinding, unearthly, typically Swedish sound — think early Entombed — that isn’t on the accessible end of the spectrum, but which is immensely appealing to hardcore death metal fanatics. This is a brutal, judging, grinding, punishing and relentless album.

Track list:
1. The Voyage
2. Forty Seconds Bloodbath
3. Forever In Gloom
4. Heaps Of Blood
5. Embraced By Pain
6. Redemption
7. Ashes Of Mourning Life
8. Partly Dead

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Metal Blade Records

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