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Vomitory ‎–Revelation Nausea lp [orange/red]


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2019 reissue on orange red marbled vinyl with insert and poster. Limited 200 numbered copies

Sweden. Death Metal. Old School like hell. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the star of hope has been lit for the once so glorious Swedish Death Metal scene. With this release Vomitory has shown the rest of the world that this is still a nation with a lot of goodies to serve. It´s really old school, kind of like old Entombed, some really good music and with todays speed grinding on the drums. Vomitory presents to the listener a dish filled with different delights such as grind, growls and simple, yet not boring, riffs. As a matter of fact, the keyword here is simplicity. Nothing of todays screwing around with catchy melodies á la death metal likes Children Of Bodom and In Flames. No way… here we get right to it, no beating around the bush. Grind or die. This brutal execution is supported by a thick, massive and above all, heavy production it really enhances the feel of the album. The drum mix is just perfect. Every drum hit feels like a bombardment of grenades and the guitars are not far behind either. This is well-played Death Metal that you can rarely find nowadays. Even behind the simplistic riffs, typical vocals, and blast-beats the brutal execution alone is second to none. So in the end, this is a good, well-played, if not derivative death metal. I think anyone whos into death metal must own this.

Track list:
1. Revelation Nausea
2. The Corpsegrinder Experience
3. Beneath The Soil
4. Under Clouds Of Blood
5. The Art Of War
6. When Silence Conquers
7. Chapter Of Pain
8. The Holocaust
9. Exhaling Life
10. 9mm Salvation

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