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Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll lp [marbled]


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Red marbled vinyl. Limited 500 copies

All Heads Are Gonna Roll is Vomitorys first album in twelve years and is best described as fast, grinding, D-beat, fist-in-your-face death metal, it features fresh aspects that are uncommon to Vomitory records. With vivid horror movie-inspired artwork, with a hint of anti-religion thrown in for good measure. This album really is the whole package for death metal fans, and a stunning return to form after so many years.

Track list:
1. All Heads Are Gonna Roll
2. Decrowned
3. Ode To The Meat Saw
4. The Deepest Tomb
5. Piece By Stinking Piece
6. Raped, Strangled, Sodomized, Dead
7. Dead Man Stalking
8. Disciples Of The Damned
9. Dead World
10. Beg For Death

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