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Vomitory -Carnage Euphoria lp [marbled]


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2020 reissue on burgundy red marbled vinyl with poster. Limited to 200 numbered copies

The tone here is simply a beast, with just the proper crust of punishing fuzz to fuel these thrashing, grinding axeworks. It’s probably the best sounding of all their albums to date. The band has actually been around for 20 years now, and have yet to waver from the path of true Swedish destruction. Their passion and energy for the form is relevant and practically unrivaled, and though it may not have impressed me as much few of their early butcheries, it belongs in any death metal fan’s arsenal.

Track list:
1. The Carnage Rages On
2. Serpents
3. A Lesson In Virulence
4. Ripe Cadavers
5. Rage Of Honour
6. The Ravenous Dead
7. Deadlock
8. Rebirth Of The Grotesque
9. Possessed
10. Great Deceiver

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