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Von Thronstahl -Germanium Metallicum cd


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This glorious and controversial group, founded in 1995 by the brilliant Josef Maria Klumb (Josef K) knows how to skilfully combini martial industrial neofolk and neoclassical music. This album I consider the masterpiece of the band, surpassing all their previous work, leaving aside the experimental sound, and thus showing a musical maturity and an evolution of the band that puts them in the top position of what they do. This time around they have some prominent guest musicians: Damiano Mercuri (Rose Rovin E Amanti), Louis Carrier (Infestation), Troy Southgate (Herr), Andreas D. (Parzival) and Sala Delle Colonne, and vocalists such as Anna D., Dmitrij Bablevskij, Natacha von Wynn (Swiss erotic star), Plastique and Vamp. Each song brings intensity, potential, dramatic, passionate emotion, in a torrent apocalyptic sound, martial industrial, combined with epic samplers, psychedelic passages, and melancholic neoclassical orchestral delicious sounds. Some songs can be considered hymns, for its beauty but with a martial pomp. The lyrics show a musical revelation about the ‘Old Europe’ between the emergence and disappearance, creation and destruction, between emancipation and slavery, revolt and revolution. Germanium Metallicum, is an amazing work, from one of the most prominent German bands whose strength and greatness, demonstrates that poetry and old values can be merged in a masterly way with a potential interpretative quality and bombastic sound. This is like i said an outstanding album.

Track list:
1. Self-Defense Or Slavery
2. Heimatfreund & Staatsfeind
3. Legrand / Cornet
4. The Global Monster-State
5. Sinnstiftung Total
6. Heimat, Kinder, Revolution
7. The Beauty Of Life & Eternal War
8. The Guns & The Drums
9. Respect The Hierarchy
10. Transzendente Militanz
11. L’Ennemi Mortel
12. Junge Wilde Tiere
13. Young Wild Animals
14. Widerspruch In Symphonie
15. Germania Irredenta
16. Germania Irrationalis
17. Germanium Metallicum
18. National Anarchy In The EU
19. Let The World With The Sun Go Down

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