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Voodus ‎–Into The Wild dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover, poster and lyric insert

Voodus is a new killer project formed by people who were in Jormundgand before. After some EP releases its now time for the first full length album Into The Wild. Feral black metal with death-infusion is the best way to sum up this 8-track album. A lesson in savagery for all who play and listen to black metal. After a haunting intro (The Awakening and the Ascension), Voodus come out with fire and hate in their souls on the excellent The Golden and Gnothi Seauton. As black as they come it’s possible to make comparisons to the likes of Watain and Dissection as the bands share the same level of uncompromising horrifying sounds. A pretty great album looks to turn you inside out though with the near 15-minute finale of The Terrain Of Moloch. Check this out if you adore bands like Watain and Dissection as Voodus really deserves it

Track list:
1. The Awakening And The Ascension
2. The Golden
3. Gnothi Seauton
4. Into The Wild
5. Communion Amid The Graves
6. Dreams From An Ancient Mind Pt I
7. Dreams From An Ancient Mind Pt II
8. The Terrain Of Moloch

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