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Vortex –Them Witches cd


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Vortex, hailing from Groningen, date to 1979. The band became well known in their home country by way of the albums ‘Metal Bats’ in 1985 and ‘Open The Gate’ in 1986. The group folded during 1990, but made a return in 1992. World-famous in the Netherlands, completely unknown outside of it: that’s the band Vortex in a nutshell. The band has gained a cult following in the last couple of years something that lead up to the reunion. They did something special for their 40th anniversary namely going through old tapes of lost ideas, unfinished songs and songs that never made it onto any albums back then. Alot of the material on these tapes had long been forgotten even by the band members. Listening to these old riff tapes the members realized that this was far too good to put back on the shelves again. They finally put thees together and made a complete album of the material. Good metal will never lose its value….enjoy

Track list:
1. SpirituAlien
2. Death At Dawn
3. I.C.U.
4. Them Witches
5. Gonna Hit You
6. Tremorial
7. No Breath
8. Fearless
9. Fivefall
10. Thirst Things First

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