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Vulcano -Tales From The Black Book lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert and a poster. Limited 300 copies

After 14 years of silence, the legendary Brazilian band Vulcano returned with this pure f*cking old school Thrash/Death/Black metal album. They re-recorded ‘Guerreiros de Sata’ and ‘Total Destruicao’ that have never before been available in studio versions. Both tracks have only been found on the legendary ‘Vulcano Live’ album. Unlike many other comebacks, this one has really brought about something interesting. Luckily the band has kept the old raw sound, the feeling is surely there! Anyone seriously into raw Thrash and South American metal should kill to get hold of this disc.

Track list:
1. Gates Of Iron
2. The Bells Of Death
3. Priestess Of Bacchus
4. From The Black Metal Book
5. Devote To The Devil
6. Fall Of The Corpse
7. Face Of The Terror
8. Guerreiros De Sata
9. Troubled Mind
10. The Sign On The Door
11. Obscure Soldiers
12. Total Destruicao
13. Bestial Insane

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