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Vultur -Corona De Frastimus MC


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Chilean pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with red text.

The occult black metal act Vultur started out in Portoscuso in South Sardinia back in 2005. The band have released a bunch of demos and Eps before the release of their debut album Corona De Frastimus in 2009. The band writes about negative personal experiences, ancient stories, cursed characters, pagan rituals, curses, witchcraft and spiritism belonging to Sardinia. If you want to check out some haunting Mediterranean black metal then this could be for you.

Track list:
1. Frastimus
2. Priest Bruxiu
3. Substitute Sacrifice
4. Sleeping Into Domus De Janas
5. Hecate Sabbath
6. Corona De Frastimus
7. Into The Church Of Excommunication
8. Sardigna Scuria
9. The Sun Of Deads
10. S Accabadora

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Infernal Overkill Records / Goat Worship Records

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