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Walls Of Jericho ‎–A Day And A Thousand Years cd


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2001 re-issue with 3 bonus tracks

In the tradition of super-fast, abrasive hardcore, Detroits Walls Of Jericho is at the top. Packed with high-energy beats, and those always pleasing abrupt starts and stops, it’s the perfect album with which to feed, or purge some aggression. The best part, though, is the vocals. Candace (the lead singer) has a voice and style unheard of among female performers of today, and if you ever get a chance to see them live, you’ll be even more convinced of this. Save for the fact that they have a female singer, though, Walls Of Jericho doesn’t do a lot that’s progressive or original like you see with bands like Botch or Refused. Overall, though, this album is a necessary part of anyone’s hardcore library.

Track list:
1. A Day And A Thousand Years
2. Our Fate Ends
3. Athenian
4. Moment Of Thought
5. Why Father
6. Overpower
7. Collecting On A Debt

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