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Waltari –3rd Decade lp


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Black vinyl

Space. The final frontier.For Waltari, this space has always been music – galaxies of sound beyond trends.In 2021, the Finnish pioneers celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first space journey in style. And Waltari wouldn’t be themselves if they hadn’t come up with something special.For 3rd Decade – The Anniversary Edition, the band selected some of their best songs to rework with the help of artist friends of all stripes. Together with musicians from Nightwish, Lordi, Hanoi Rocks, Battle Beats, Eläkeläiset, Die Krupps and others, unique new versions were created.Waltari, who fear nothing more than stagnation, prove once again that they can live up to the original crossover ethos at all times, experimenting and breaking new ground while honouring their heritage and looking to an exciting future at the same time.

Track list:
1. Merry Go Round-featuring Jurgen Engler
2. Below Zero 2021-featuring Marko Hietala
3. Skyline-remix-featuring Bomfunk MC’s
4. Ehtoopuolella-featuring Eläkeläiset
5. So Fine-featuring Kevin Ridley and Youth Choirs Sykkii and N.U.K.U
6. Step Outside-featuring Angelit
7. In the Cradlie 2021-featuring Jonne Järvelä and Jyrki 69
8. Misty Man 2021-featuring Niki
9. Lights on 2021-featuring Lordi
10. The Stage 2021-featuring Tampere All Stars
11. Helsinki 2021-featuring April Art

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