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Wanda Jackson ‎–Before The Fame cd


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A collection of early recordings from the feisty Rockabilly diva. At the beginning of her career, Wanda recorded a good amount of straight-ahead country material before adding a healthy dose of Rock n Roll into her repertoire and becoming a Rockabilly sensation. This compilation focuses on those early years and proves that Wanda can tackle any style of music and still add her own unique stamp to the recordings.

Track listing:
1. If You Knew What I Know
2. Lovin Country Style
3. The Heart You Could Have Had
4. The Right To Love
5. You Cant Have My Love
6. Youd Be The First One To Know
7. If You Dont Somebody Elsy Will
8. Its The Same World (Wherever You Go)
9. Dont Do The Things Hed Do
10. Tears At The Grand Ole Opry
11. Nobodys Darlin But Mine
12. Wasted
13. I Creed Again
14. You Wont Forget (About Me)
15. Half As Good A Girl
16. I Gotta Know
17. Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
18. Silver Threads And Golden Needles

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