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Wargasm -Suicide Squad 7″ [yellow]


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Yellow vinyl. Limited 250 copies

Anyone into thrash metal should run into the name of Wargasm. They were once Boston’s greatest thrash band. Their debut album Why Play Around (1988) is a minor thrash metal classic. But like many thrash bands they had a rough time in the 90s to find a market when the whole industry were caught up finding the new grunge act. The 1993 album Ugly was a typical Wargasm album while their next Suicide Notes felt like a death rattle when the band stopped playing thrash metal by copying things that Metallica, Pantera and Machine Head were doing at the time while still trying to keep som spastic riffing and chugging. The band called it a day in 1996, were reunited in 2004 for a charity show and then another return in 2008 to do some more live shows. This release features two previously unreleased tracks recorded at Outpost and Electromagnet back in 1996 before the band finally broke up. Suicide Squad is a re-recording of one of the bands first ever songs. It was released in its original form back in 1986 on the Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers And Puppies demo released under the moniker of Maniac (before they changed name to Wargasm). It was this demo that started the East Coast Thrash history. The B-side is a cover of a Tank classic. A cool item to own for any fan of the band.

Track list:
1. Suicide Squad-1996 version
2. Power Of The Hunter-Tank cover

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