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Warlock -Hellbound Tour dlp [white]


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Double album on white vinyls with poster.

In early 1985, Warlock signed a contract with the major label Phonogram and recorded their second album Hellbound, produced by Henry Staroste and released in May 1985 on Vertigo Records in Europe. The band started to receive attention from the media and appeared in TV shows in the UK and Germany. Their first full European tour started in May of 1985. The tour stopped in what seems to be every German city possible but also shows in Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and England were performed. The shows in England received rave review by the British magazine Kerrang! and the group was elected ‘Best New Band’ of 1985 in the Readers’ Poll of that magazine. This double album is from a show at Stadthalle in Cologne, Germany on the 11th of December and you will experience a young Warlock still with their original line-up having a ball in front of their loyal followers in their home country. The band seem quite on form as they blast through tunes like Hellbound, Homicide Rocker, Evil and Metal Racer. The pace doesn’t ever really let up – Out Of Control, Sign Of Stan all tearing the place up a bit while some semblance of respite is provided by the ballad Without You with its nice rhythmic cadence and plaintive lyrics. Ending this night with Burning The Witches, Time To Die and Earthshaker Rock. This gives you the chance to hear Doro Pesch in her prime with a passionate set of musicians behind her belting away. Recommended for fans of Warlock and Doro Pesch.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Hellbound
3. Homicide Rocker
4. Wrathchild
5. Hateful Guy
6. Evil
7. Shout It Out
8. Metal Racer
9. Out Of Control
10. Drum Solo
11. All Night
12. Sign Of Satan
13. Turn It On
14. Without You
15. After The Bomb
16. Burning The Witches
17. Time To Die
18. Earthshaker Rock

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