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Warlord -And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun 3lp [red]


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Triple red vinyls with 18 bonus tracks, poster, booklet. Insert and photo. Limited 450 copies

Warlords second release, 1984s verbosely named And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun, is one of those is it or isn’t it live albums, and was originally intended to serve as a soundtrack for a proposed video release. But, due to its nearly nonexistent production budget and amateurish technical setup (the fog machine had to be borrowed from Metal Blade labelmates Slayer, for one), the project was only given minimal promotion upon its release, so that its original ambitions of bypassing MTV into the hands of eager metal fans went largely unfulfilled. Still, for what it’s worth, Warlord put in an enthusiastic performance behind excellent songs like Lucifers Hammer, Aliens and Child of the Damned — all of them key tracks to underground American metal in the early 80s.

Track list:
1. Beginning
2. Lucifers Hammer
3. Lost And Lonely Days
4. Black Mass
5. Soliloquy
6. Aliens
8. Child Of The Damned
9. Deliver Us From Evil
10. End
11. Lost And Lonely Days-EP 1984
12. Aliens-EP 1984
13. Intro Theme-1985
14. Father -demo 1985
15. Father Mother Sister-demo 1985
16. Child Of The Damned-Steve Fontaine demo
17. Winds Of Thor-Steve Fontaine demo
18. Lucifer’s Hammer-rehearsals 1981
19. For Whom The Bell Tolls-rehearsals 1981
20. Untitled Instrumental-rehearsals 1981
21. Worms Of The Earth-rehearsals 1981
22. Battle Of The Living Dead-rehearsals 1981
23. Mrs Victoria-rehearsals 1981
24. All For One (Sons Of A Dream)-rehearsals 1981
25. War In Heaven-rehearsals 1981
26. Black Mass-rehearsals 1981
27. Child Of The Damned-rehearsals 1981
28. This Song-instrumental demo 1982

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