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Part 15 in the NWOBHM singles replica series. Limited 500 copies

There were three different Warrior in the UK at around the same time. All were playing that lovely NWOBHM music and the ones that released the most (but no full length album) were this band from Newcastle. They debuted with the track ‘Flying High’ on the 1981 Neat Records compilation ‘Lead Weight’. In a 1982 they released the ‘Dead When It Comes To Love’ single on Neat records and the following year saw the light of day for the private pressed ‘For Europe Only’ EP and the ‘Live In A Dive’ live demo. 1984 would see the final release from Warrior, a three track private pressed single called ‘Break Out’. This single starts with ‘Dead When It Comes To Love’ a lovely heavy/thrash metal track compared to something of a mix of Tank, Jaguar and Fist. The B-side starts with ‘Stab In The Back’ another fast track and follows with ‘Kansas City’, a track that shows that the members of Warrior were able to write some great guitar hooks when it was need. All three tracks were recorded live in the studio something that to keep in mind when you hear the final result. Recommended for fans of the Nwobhm genre as this might have been Warriors best release. This single was released in both a plain white cover and copies in white cover with the band name, credits, label info etc stamped on it

Track listing:
1. Dead When It Comes To Love
2. Stab You In The Back
3. Kansas City

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