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Warrior –Let Battle Commence lp [white]


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White vinyl with 4-page booklet.

Created in 1977 in Chesterfield and originally called Plug. The original band was fronted by vocalist / guitarist Chris Cook who was replaced by singer Dave Hewitt the same year. With a further addition of second guitarist Steve Allsop, whose previous act 13th Junction evolved into Witchfynde, the band adopted the new name of Warrior. The 1980 album is a self financed effort and sold out of its initial pressing of 650 copies quickly backed up by solid gigging. Shortly after guitarist Mick Bannister left and was supplanted by Chris Cutriss. Further ructions occurred when Allsop left to become a prison warder. Now a quartet the band changed titles again, this time to Axis. However, at a gig at Derby’s Rockhouse Hewitt suffered a breakdown. Although the band continued for a few more months with singer Wolf Hanson Axis soon split. Hewitt resurfaced in Stormwatch releasing a 1996 album ‘Patriot’. He would also become a member of the Luthar Beltz Band (which later became Wytchfynde- note the subtle difference in spelling). Cutriss joined The Gutter Band.

Track list:
1. Let Battle Commence
2. Long Stretch Broadmoor Blues
3. Night Time Girl
4. Memories
5. Yesterdays Hero
6. Invaders
7. Ulster Bloody Ulster
8. Warrior

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DUST 055

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