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Yellow splatter vinyl with insert. Limited 333 copies

The fourth album from Warrior Soul, Chill Pill, despite the great sound and wonderful packaging, it does sound like a band either floundering or losing its edge. Gone are most of the angry embellishments from singer Kory Clarke, with the exception of the metal thunder on songs like “Cargo of Doom”, the raging punk fury of “Shock Um Down”, or the catchy and crunchy anthem “Ha Ha Ha”. In fact, and it’s arguable whether this is a good or bad thing, there’s a lack of Clarke’s political and social slagging on this one, at least when compared to the first three albums. While at times Warrior Soul’s lyrical content was a bit overbearing, Chill Pill seems to relax a tad from the harshness of their earlier albums. What you get is a varied mix of moody rockers (“Concrete Frontier” and “Song In Your Mind”), pure noise (“Mars”) straight- ahead punk numbers (“I Want Some”), and a few metal-tinged songs like the ones mentioned above. The band even thrown in a decent beefy blues-rocker in “High Road”, complete with harmonica and fat guitar licks from John Ricco. You will also find Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe on saxophone and harmonica on “Ha Ha Ha” and “High Road”. Never one to mince words, Warrior Soul frontman Kory Clarke made no bones about the fact that they album was put together for the sole purpose of terminating their relationship with the DGC label. So overall Chill Pill is kind of a mixed bag, perhaps too many styles which ultimately gives the album an unfocused feel. Of course, the band do play their asses off, and Clarke as always puts in a fine vocal performance, but in the end, this one leaves you a little flat. If you are new to the Warrior Soul discography, start with the first three releases, then check this one out.

Track list:
1. Mars
2. Cargos Of Doom
3. Song In Your Mind
4. Shock Um Down
5. Let Me Go
6. Ha Ha Ha
7. Concrete Frontier
8. I Want Some
9. Soft
10. High Road

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