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Warsenal -Barn Burner cd


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Canadian speed/thrash metal here from the power trio Warsenal and their debut full-length Barn Burner. Equally engaging their influence tree from their Canadian homeland a la Razor/ Exciter as well as some Bay Area and Teutonic strains, these nine songs waste no time getting to the heart of the matter. Imagine Mille/Kreator-ish sandpaper vocals over quick hitting speed/thrash and tight transitions and that’s what makes Hit n Run, the mid-tempo slam fest Stab You One by One, and NightStalker so delightful for those who miss the early days of raw, abrasive, and underground metal. Think back to when Metallica didn’t care for any commercial aspirations, and how the offspring plugged in and channeled that angst and aggression into adrenaline-laced glory. Adorn your favorite gear and march into Warsenals chaos.

Track list:
1. Dying On Stage
2. Let Me Out
3. Hit n Run
4. Conquer
5. Stab You One By One
6. Unstoppable
7. Wars
8. NightStalker
9. Minefield Game

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