Wasp -Assembly Rooms 1986 dlp [white]



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Double album on white vinyls. Limited 100 copies

After The Last Command tour, guitarist Randy Piper departed the band. Former King Kobra bassist Johnny Rod joined W.A.S.P. as Lawless went back to playing rhythm guitar. The band went into the Pasha Music House in Hollywood in July of 1986 to record Inside The Electric Circus. The album was released in October 1986 and reached #60 on the Billboard album chart. Inside The Electric Circus was supported by W.A.S.P.’s biggest tour to date, including dates with Iron Maiden and Slayer. W.A.S.P. became a very prominent target of the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), an organization led by Tipper Gore and dedicated to opposing music with lyrics deemed violent or overtly sexual in content. This lowered the band’s reputation to such a degree that concert halls were getting bomb threats, band members were receiving death threats by the hundreds, and singer Blackie Lawless was shot at twice (though not hit). The controversy generated valuable publicity for the band. This album features the show the band did at the Assembly rooms in Derby, England on the 4th of November, which was very early on the Electric Circus World Tour. This is a complete show without any overdubs which makes it a better testimony of the tour than the “Live In The Raw” album that was recorded the following year. Not surprisingly, there is a chunk of songs from that album present here and the band is top shape and the concert has a lot of energy. What we have here is a live version of “Animal” which in itself is quite rare and a 20 minute version of I Wanna Be Somebody. The band members are on fire here, Blackie Lawless has a great stage presence and his over the top comments are very funny. The rest of the band doesn’t take a backseat either as they provide the necessary punch to the songs. This album confirms that W.a.s.p. were a great live band.

Track list:
1. The Big Welcome-intro
2. Inside The Electric Circus
3. I Don’t Need No Doctor
4. 9.5. – N.A.S.T.Y.
6. Sex Drive
7. Widowmaker
8. Wild Child
9. Bass Solo-Johnny Rod
10. Shoot From The Hip
11. I Wanna Be Somebody
12. L.O.V.E. Machine
13. Guitar Solo-Chris Holmes
14. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
15. Blind In Texas

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Iron Eagle Records

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IE 114/115

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