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Wasp -Gasometer cd


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Pro-printed cdR disc in digipak cover. Limited 50 copies

On June 6th in 2022, W.A.S.P., one of the world’s most notorious and controversial hard rock bands, celebrated 40 years. This was then celebrated in 2023 with a large tour with no less than 11 concerts in Sweden. Few bands in rock history have caused so much love, hatred and other feelings as W.A.S.P. Yet since the start of the small clubs in Los Angeles up to ban lightings from playing live in several countries, their unique combination of shock and rock has made religious organizations, parliaments and even the Senate in Washington D.C. done what they can from preventing them from selling discs and standing on stage. The group’s frontman Blackie Lawless has led the group as a singer and main songwriter since the beginning. His unique way has taken the group to star status all over the world with millions of sold records and sold out concerts for four decades. Together with bassist Mike Duda – who has been in the band for 26 years – and guitarist Doug Blair – who has been in the band for 18 years – and drummer Aquile’s Priester, Blackie took the audience back to where it all started with a stage show that many never got the chance experience. This album was recorded during that tour at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden on the 19th of April 2023.

Blackie Lawless welcomes you in the following words:
For the W.A.S.P. 40th Anniversary World Tour we’re going back to the beginning. We’re taking the show back to where it all started. Complete with all the fire and all the blood that shocked the world the first time. We only did this type of show on the first world tour and never did it again…until now! I’m gonna scream and I’m gonna bleed, cause I Wanna be Somebody! We’re taking everybody back…back to the beginning!

Track list:
1. On Your Knees / The Flame / The Torture Never Stops / Inside the Electric Circus
2. L.O.V.E. Machine
3. Wild Child
4. The Idol
5. The Great Misconceptions Of Me
6. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
7. Blind In Texas
8. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
9. The Real Me-The Who cover
10. I Wanna Be Somebody

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